About the Summit

UC Student

Technology transformations and the UC student experience

Flipped classrooms, MOOCs, virtual study groups, Big Data. Technology has changed, and it quickly is reshaping the student experience at colleges and universities nationwide. The purpose of the UC eNGAGE Summit is to:

  • Identify the most important technologies that will have an impact on teaching and learning at UC over the next 3-5 years;
  • Ignite a conversation about UC’s current capabilities; and
  • Define a technology-centric roadmap for our future.

As we engage in dialogue during this intensive one-day Summit, we will explore the most cutting-edge, efficient, and cost-effective technologies to meet or exceed internal and external demands for excellence. In addition to addressing the learning and teaching capabilities of technology, including social media and data analytics, UC will keep the following guiding questions in mind throughout the Summit:

  • How will the Internet of Things and other disruptive models and innovations become woven into the inherent fabric of daily student life outside the classroom?
  • How will traditional aspects of UC —from administrative aspects to teaching and research advancements to alumni engagement—adapt?
  • How can UC keep up with ever-changing technology in a successful, agile, and effective way?

The eNGAGE Summit will explore these questions and much more. Our goal is to generate a constructive conversation that can begin to turn ideas and dreams into a roadmap of infrastructure and institutional changes that can meet the needs of the Class of 2020 and beyond.

The Summit will focus on three tracks:


UC innovations (e.g., Big Data projects, gamification approaches) that affect the student experience inside and outside the classroom


The ever-changing impacts and benefits of technology (e.g., social media, the Internet of Things) on student life


How technology advancements (e.g., real-time educational tools, supplementary online learning resources, data analytics, etc.) can improve and enhance student learning